Going on 19 years of existence. Our site has gone through so many changes over the past 5 years that we lost focus and went off course. So for the past 4 months you have seen some different looks but in the background we’ve been building on stabilizing our site and building back the brand we had once established.

Our site was named after the Marathon Distance and started with running articles about getting to the starting line of a marathon.

Over the years we’ve tried different things but really our passion is endurance sports.

In order to get you to the starting line there are so many factors and one main one is the weather so you see on the home page we provide you with a ton of weather information to help you train. In our races we give you weather information when we can about that race and typical facts about the weather on race day. Some races you will get a forecast the week before.

You will see that we are going to be building up our site again to be a weather and endurance sports information website with also some photography. Like endurance sports photography sometimes is affected by the weather and in order to become a really good photographer you need to train or practice. We provide a little inspiration for you in photo challenges.

Will be change again ?

We’ve said it before but we came close to actually shutting down the site because of all the changing. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to build back our brand with this vision of providing information to the endurance sports amateur to get you to the starting line. If you are photographer we are going to provide you with challenges and facts to help you become a better photographer.

Onward and upward.