26m is a fitness forecast tool for endurance sports athletes. The goal is to provide a unique site that provides weather for an endurance sports athlete. We grade the conditions and provide future insights into what it might be like out there. You can see that it is a highly focused site that revolves around the weather. The home page tries to determine where you are and displays the weather for your city. It is not always correct but we are consistently working on improving this now and for the future.

In addition to the forecast we provide quotes, different cities, facts and a few articles where most of the information is centered around the weather.

Also for cities with marathons, ultra’s or even half-marathons we will eventually provide averages for race day as well as the current years race date.

In the future we will also be providing recommended clothing for the weather conditions.

We will always be improving the behind the scenes algorithms and adding additional pieces to our tool but the future is what we have. Visit our social networks to see any custom content or shareable stuff and come to our site for the weather geared around endurance sports athletes.

Will we change again? Yes we have said we were not changing and we did; however the site will remain this weather focused fitness forecast going forward. Creating content takes time and 26m is a free site with a dedicated part-time staff who unfortunately can not dedicate time to creating content. We will let the big sites out there do that and we will focus on providing a tool to get you going, motivate you or inform you of the weather.

*Update 2/18/2017 – So we changed the look a bit but it is all in making our site even prettier. You can see now a little photo in the background at the top of the current conditions. In addition we’ve added in maps and some other nifty features. We don’t have a lot of cities / races yet but will be working on that as we go. If you explore -> by city you will see we are providing the average temperatures for that city. Do you want to add your race or city ? Click on the add your listing and we will review and publish it if it fits our site.

We hope you like the look and feel it is much slicker. The facts / quotes are going to be added back in but in a more creative way with trivia.

Our goal is providing Weather for Endurance Sports Athletes.

Our weather is provided by OpenWeatherWeb.org.